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1) Wagon Hill Farm - Dover, NH

What isn’t there to love about Wagon Hill Farm in Dover, NH. You can’t beat the close proximity to rt. 95 making it easily accessible from anywhere north of Portsmouth, NH all the way south to Boston, MA. The walking trails here are people and DOG friendly. Yup, you read that right! It can be hard to find beautiful locations that also allow your fur baby to be a part of the story. This public park and walking trails is meadow after meadow of wildflowers and beautiful tall grass. If you want that gorgeous golden glow while you snuggle your other half in a field, this is the spot. Bonus - a short walk down the trail leads you to the bay where we can also capture you together with a gorgeous water backdrop. It doesn’t matter if it’s overcast or a breathtaking sunset, this spot can’t be beat in all types of weather. Wagon Hill Farm is a favorite amongst photographers, however it’s so large that you never feel awkward with prying eyes. Lot’s of privacy and of course I know all of the sweet spots.

2) Foss Mountain - Eaton, NH

I don’t have many words that can describe the absolute beauty of Foss Mountain in Eaton, NH. A short 10 minute walk up to the top delivers some of the best mountain views in the area. The perfect sunset here delivers a gallery of images that anyone would die to have. Mid summer also renders blueberry season when you and your love can pick tons of sweet little wild bluebs. I have to let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. Please let me capture you up here - it might be my favorite engagement session spot in all of New England.

3) Perkins Cove - Ogunquit, Maine

The way that the light hits the rocky coast in Ogunquit, Maine is absolute poetry. This location is close to New Hampshire but gives the nautical feeling that all Mainers love. Fishing boats, old docks, and rock jetties set the backdrop for beautiful sunsets and golden hours. It’s romantic, elegant, and authentic. The best part - after your session you can go and grab some delicious seafood or a lobster roll to celebrate. I will 100% shoot at Perkins Cove any day!


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