Rachel and David’s Poolside Engagement at UNH in Dover, NH.

Who would have thought that love at first sight happens at 5am high school swim team practice. I can barely open my eyes at 7am! Rachel and David, both respectively self proclaimed “non athletic” individuals, were full of giggles while they recalled memories of their swim team days at the UNH pool in Dover, NH during their engagement session. We even recreated a couple of photos from their poolside flirty days. Even though years have past and they live in New York City now, coming home to visit their old stomping grounds flooded (pun intended) the memories. Some parts of the building have changed but the strong smell of chlorine never will! A huge thank you to the aquatics director and pool staff for welcoming us! These two are tying the knot in June at The Eagle Mountain House and I definitely plan on cracking some speedo jokes to get some smiles. If you’re doing an engagement session soon, think outside the box!